Hupan University Students Visit University of Ghana Business School

Hupan University Students Visit University of Ghana Business School
Nov 26, 2019

Students of Hupan University paid a visit to the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) on the 15th of November 2019, for an interaction. Facilitated by the Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship, the students were welcomed to the session by Head of Department, Professor Robert Ebo Hinson, with the assistance of an interpreter.  Hupan University was founded in 2015 by the renowned entrepreneur, Jack Ma and his associates. The University focuses on nurturing entrepreneurs.

A total of 50 students, a combination of masters and PhD students, from various industries were part of the delegation. Also present at the engagement were students of UGBS, faculty and industry professionals who gave the students from Hupan a real insight into the Ghanaian market.

Questions regarding the availability of the internet, social media patterns and business opportunities were popular amongst those emanating from the students from Hupan University. The Ghanaians present also posed questions regarding corporate social responsibility and accessibility to online resources.

The interaction ended with words of encouragement from the students of Hupan and concluded with group photographs.
Below are pictures from the event:

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