GNAM Participants Propose a Business Plan for UGMC

GNAM Participants Propose a Business Plan for UGMC
Jun 24, 2019

As part of the week-long activities of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) Week, there have been series of discussions, group works and a presentation by students from Yale School of Management, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley and the University of Ghana Business School.

The discussions and group presentations were aimed at proposing a business plan for the University of Ghana Medical Center (UGMC). This academic activity involved coming out with a vision, mission, recruitment strategy as well as identifying the target audience.

The presenters were Mr. Jonathan Camacho, Ms. Loretta Asare, and Mrs. Abi Lewis. Delivering his presentation, Mr. Jonathan Camacho a student of Yale School of Management proposed that the vision for UGMC should be “to be a distinguished for world-class patient care, training and research”. He added that world-renowned doctors will be needed at UGMC to build the reputation necessary to attract medical tourism in Ghana that will benefit the country economically. He further suggested that UGMC can build a strategic partnership with Google. This, he believes, will enable the medical centre to take advantage of Google’s first Artificial Intelligence lab in Ghana to foster more research.

Ms. Loretta Asare, a student of the University of Ghana Business School was the next to present, she made suggestions on the recruitment strategy piece of the business plan. Ms. Asare indicated that one of the challenges Ghana faces is governmental influence with recruitment. Hence, she proposed that it will be expedient to hire international healthcare consultants to assess UGMC’s current state and lead the search for departmental heads for the centre.

The last to present was Mrs. Abi Lewis, a student of Yale School of Management. She postulated that having a business plan for the medical centre will be beneficial to the development of the centre since politicians will have no choice than to implement the details in the plan.

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