Dr. Samuel Simpson Appointed Board Chairman of The UG Credit Union

Dr. Samuel Simpson Appointed Board Chairman of The UG Credit Union
Mar 03, 2020

Dr. Samuel Nana Yaw Simpson, the Head of Department of Accounting and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School has been appointed Board Chairman of the University of Ghana Credit Union since last year.

During a recent interview, Dr. Simpson indicated that he is humbled at the opportunity to serve and contribute to a strong and people-centred Credit Union. He added that he aims at ensuring the safety of the money of people as well as procuring good returns for them. Since his appointment as the Chairman of the board, Dr. Simpson has been a keynote speaker at important conferences such as the National Chairpersons’ Conference and the Accra Chapter Chairpersons Conference.

Dr. Simpson has also spoken at the recent Credit Union Rebranding Conference at the Credit Union’s Training Centre (Cutrac) in the Central Region. The theme of the two-day conference was “Developing Innovative Brand for Credit Unions vis a vis  the Ghanaian Financial Sector Challenges." Dr. Simpson facilitated on the topic, “Effective Corporate Governance within Credit Unions: The Role of the Manager and Board”.

At a time where banks are failing and to alert stakeholders about important issues such as risk management, which is a key issue to the failure of banks, Dr. Simpson hopes to bring expertise to the credit union. He reiterated that he seeks to build a strong institution, in terms of organisational culture, internal processes and controls, innovative ways of strategic planning, professionalism and working based on CPIs emerging from the mission and vision of the credit union.

UGBS congratulates Dr. Samuel Nana Yaw Simpson on his appointment and wishes him well.

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