Dr. Kobby Mensah Selected as A Member of The British Council’s Innovation For African Universities (IAU) Programme

Dr. Kobby Mensah Selected as A Member of The British Council’s Innovation For African Universities (IAU) Programme
Oct 15, 2021

Dr. Kobby Mensah, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), together with other experts from Strathmore University (Kenya), Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda (Kenya), and African Tourism Partners (South Africa) have been selected by the University of Brighton to collaborate on a project which is being supported by British Council’s Innovation for African Universities (IAU) program. The project aims to create opportunities for the young people within Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa to ensure the full utilization of the economic benefits present within the tourism sector.

The IAU programme will specifically focus on graduates who are unemployed or underemployed, and individuals who are unable to grow their businesses due to a lack of support. The programme is seeking to strengthen entrepreneurship within the tourism space through the establishment of innovation hubs and mentorship programmes among other initiatives to help drive economic growth and sustainable development. Among the various sectors within Africa, tourism is one of the economic sectors that is growing at a very fast pace, and it is contributing hugely to employment and biodiversity conservation. It is serving as a tool in achieving inclusive economic growth and improved livelihoods for millions. According to research conducted in major African nations like Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa, many of the people who work in the tourism sector are young people. However, the number of young people of working age who are employed in Africa are few, and young women are the most affected.
Dr. Kobby Mensah is a highly motivated, research-oriented academic who believes in evidence-led, hands-on, and collaborative teaching and research.  He has a profound interest in the organisation and management of modern political and social institutions under the disciplines of political marketing and branding, and destination marketing and branding. He is equally interested in corporate marketing and branding research, as well as customer services management and employability in Ghana. The last two interests have emerged because of almost 10 years of working experience in customer services, and his engagements in research supervision. His competencies include general communications and campaign management, social media development and their conversion from online to on-the-ground engagement and measurement, media relations, event planning, and customer services team development and management.

UGBS congratulates Dr. Kobby Mensah on this selection and wishes him the best in the performance of his duties.

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