Dr. Effah Presents Paper at UGBS Seminar Series

Dr. Effah Presents Paper at UGBS Seminar Series
Apr 18, 2015

Dr. John Effah, the Head of Department of Operations and Management Information Systems (OMIS), University of Ghana Business School (UGBS), today 17th April 2015, presented a paper on ‘Virtualizing a University Admission Process: An Action Research Study’ at the Graduate Campus as part of UGBS’s Seminar Series.
According to him, the internet affords higher education institutions the opportunity to virtualise their admission processes. However, as he pointed out, these institutions tend to focus more on identifying and testing determinants of virtualizability than how virtualization initiatives actually get implemented.
His research explored this issue using an action research study of graduate admission processes within the context of a developing country.
The findings, aside offering implications for research and practice, he said, also highlighted how virtualized innovation can be used to address situated problems with physical processes and related intended consequences needing to be addressed.
The UGBS Seminar series provides a platform for lecturers, researchers, policy makers, students and visiting professors to present and debate research findings and policies with a special focus on Africa and beyond.

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