Dean’s Welcome Back Message

Dean’s Welcome Back Message
Feb 20, 2015

Welcome back from an undoubtedly restful and joyous Christmas holiday season. I believe, however, that as you celebrated the passing of a rather consequential year, you kept a vigilant eye on the new beginnings 2015 promises, along with all the potential waiting to be harvested.
To our ambitious and committed faculty and staff, I thank you for your unflinching support over the years and dedication to seeing through the vision of UGBS counted among the best internationally. The year 2015 offers us another opportunity to prove ourselves worthy of the baton of excellence passed on to us from our predecessors whose tireless efforts provided the foundations upon which UGBS now proudly stands.
Let us rally together to fulfill the goals we have set for ourselves this year, both individually and collectively.
I understand that last year must have been a trying time for students, especially the freshmen and women who had to quickly learn to adapt to their new environment. However tragic or disappointing or triumphant it was for all of you, I urge you to buckle your belts and consider this new year as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and forge on in your quest to acquire the knowledge we are all too willing to impart.
UGBS is what it is today due, in no small part, to our omnipresent and dependable members of staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that all is as it should be. Another year has dawned upon us and I call upon you to once more, work harder to ensure our communal success.
To our partners, alumni and other stakeholders, we look forward to continued successful collaborations and a strengthening of our bonds.
Thank you very much and have an incredible year.

Prof. Joshua Yindenaba Abor.

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