Day 2 of UGBS HURMSA Week Celebration: Trending Human Resource Issues

Day 2 of UGBS HURMSA Week Celebration: Trending Human Resource Issues
Oct 26, 2017

As part of the UGBS HURMSA Week Celebration, a lecture session was scheduled for the 11th October, 2017 at the Executive Hall. Mr. Ebow Allen- Koufie from the Human Resource Department of HFC Bank and Mr. Eleazer Nyannu of Industrial Commercial Union were the speakers for the day. They spoke on the theme “Trending Human Resource Issues”.

Mr. Ebow Allen-Koufie during his presentation stated that human resource entails much more than just limiting it to the well-being of the work force in an organisation. He hinted on the fact that when Human Resource is properly managed, it results in high productivity as well as attainment of business goals.

Mr. Allen-Koufie said there is the need for students to be knowledgeable in every aspect of business as far as an organisation is concerned. He debunked the historical and modern myths surrounding Human Resource Management as a course and its association with calculating subjects, and implored the students to broaden their horizon in all aspects of the corporate world. Mr. Allen-Koufie ended his talk by advising students to know themselves well, learn to serve others and also build a robust system to enhance Human Resource Management as a whole.    
In his lecture, Mr. Eleazer Nyannu of Industrial Commercial Union also noted that “the ability to create a fine balance between business and labour automatically creates industrial harmony”. He added that workers at the base in an organisation have major roles to play in pushing the organisation up. Mr. Nyannu also emphasised on how important human resource is to an organisation and mentioned the importance of unions to employees. These unions, backed by legislation help in protecting rights of employees in an organisation. Bargaining mandate he said, brings discipline, job security and improved conditions of service.

In his concluding statement, Mr. Eleazer Nyannu indicated that in the absence of industrial peace and harmony, productivity declines. The lecture session ended with an interactive question and answer moment.


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