College of Humanities Launches Programme of Activities Earmarked for University of Ghana's 70th Anniversary Celebration

College of Humanities Launches Programme of Activities Earmarked for University of Ghana's 70th Anniversary Celebration
May 04, 2018

The College of Humanities on Wednesday, April 4th, 2018, launched a programme of activities earmarked to commemorate the University of Ghana's 70th Anniversary celebration. The event which was held at the Department of Economics (Bank of Ghana Auditorium) attracted scores of academic and non-academic staff, as well as students from the various schools, centres and departments within the college. Also at the event, a book authored by the College of Humanities Research Conference Committee and titled 'MULTIDISCIPLINARY PERSPECTIVES ON TRANSFORMATION IN AFRICA' was launched. The fourteen-chapter book is aimed at bringing all the schools, institutes and centres under the college to foster multidisciplinary collaboration and also to help mentor young faculty and students.

Present at the launch were Professor S. Agyei-Mensah, Provost, College of Humanities; Professor Dan Ofori, Chairperson, College of Humanities Planning Committee; Professor Peter Quartey, Chairperson, College of Humanities Conference Committee; Professor Augustin Fosu, Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic research; Professor Joshua Yindeneba Abor, Dean of UGBS and other faculty of the various schools and departments within the college.

Below are the programme highlights for the college as presented by Professor Dan Ofori, Chairperson.

There will be a College of Humanities Public Lecture by Prof. Horace Campbell on the theme 'African Universities, African Academics & African Liberation' on April 10, 2018. School of Social Sciences will hold an International Research Conference on April 11-12, 2018. On April 11th, the School of Languages will hold an Academic Exhibition. The Centre for Migration Studies would also have a Public Lecture in April. This will be followed by another Public Lecture from the Department of Social Work in April. The Centre for Ageing Studies will hold a Colloquium on 'Spirituality and Ageing' on April 18.
On April 25th, the University of Ghana Business School will have its annual Management Day Celebration on Entrepreneurship themed 'A Catalyst for Ghana's Socio-Economic Development'. The Centre for Social Policy Studies will hold a Research Conference in the 2nd Week of May. ISSER will have an Open Day in May, which will be followed by the School of Law's 'All African Human Rights Moot Court' Competition in August.
In November, the Centre for Asian Studies will have a Book Project and RIPS Open Day. The College of Humanities will organise an International Research Conference on November 14-15 while CEGENSA will hold a Dialogue on Gender Studies during the same period.

There will be a Photo Exhibition by the Institute of African Studies in November as well as a Book Launch by the Political Science Department. Finally, the School of Law will have its Annual Legon Lectures, also in November.


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