BHJCR- General Electric Africa Organises Career Talk

BHJCR- General Electric Africa Organises Career Talk
May 05, 2017

Level 400 students of the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) have been advised to be mindful of their day-to-day experiences as they prepare for their careers and personal lives. This was shared by Mr. Abubakar Sulemana during a career lecture organised by the Business House Junior Common Room (BHJCR) with support from General Electric (GE) Africa, to educate students on career prospects in the job market. The lecture was held on Monday, 24th April, 2017 at the R.S Amegashie Auditorium.

Sharing his experience, Mr. Abubakar Sulemana, Chief Information Officer (CIO), General Electric Africa, noted that hard skills gained from the classroom experience alone cannot give you the needed competitive advantage. He explained that employers look out for soft skills like emotional competences, leadership capabilities, personal branding and attitude as some desirable factors, alongside educational qualifications in hiring prospects. He added that although educational qualification is important because it is what gets you the interview, emotional intelligence is twice as important as technical skills and cognitive abilities, and is what actually lands you the job.

Mr. Sulemana advised students to make their university experiences count by managing their energies, times and finances prudently. “Having a college degree is not an automatic passport to success, a college degree matters, 1st class is great, but attitude is priceless” he said.
Concluding the lecture, Mr. Sulemana revealed that what balances your GPA to get that desired job interview and the job, is your involvement in organisational and leadership roles, and the experience from such activities. He mentioned that performance, image and exposure distinguish you from the pack and give you the competitive edge over others.


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