Beyond the Curriculum Series: Week 2 – Time With Mentees

Beyond the Curriculum Series: Week 2 – Time With Mentees
Nov 01, 2017

Beyond the Curriculum Series organised by UGBS Mentoring and Student’s Services Unit continued on Friday 13th October, 2017 at the R.S. Amegashie Auditorium. The forum which was second in the series had four mentees sharing their experiences.

Nathaniel Kienam Tamakloe, a third-year banking and finance student who joined the Unit over a year ago, said he has been given the opportunity to interact with individuals within the workforce. This has exposed him to different ideas and experiences.

On her part, Nana Yacoba Quarshie, a level 300 accounting student, revealed that prior to joining the unit’s mentorship programme, she was confused as to what course to major in. She said, through interactions with her mentor, she was guided to make informed decisions regarding her academic work.

Evans Odoi Akuerteh a final year accounting student spoke about trust and honesty as traits his mentor instilled in him as well as learning the importance of building healthy relationships with other colleagues. Evans said through the mentoring programme, he has developed soft skills which will make him more employable for the job market.

Tengey Vida Abla, also a final year accounting student, said the unit has helped reshape her thinking. According to her, the mentorship programmes being organised are essential for the success of students. She said one important thing she has learnt from her mentor is how to develop the appropriate attitude in all situations. She encouraged her colleague students to make good use of every opportunity available at UGBS.

The school administrator, Mrs. Stella Dovlo enumerated some benefits of mentoring to students. These were: gaining of practical advice, encouragement and support as well as learning from the experiences of people. Others include, increased social and academic confidence, being empowered to make decisions and interpersonal relations.

Co-coordinator of the Mentoring and Student Services Unit, Dr. Lily Yarney ended the session by assuring the students that her unit is there to help them through their walk in the university. She said since the university community is made of people with diverse backgrounds, there is the need to learn how to co-exist and relate with other people. She advised the students to respect the views and opinions of other people.

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