Ben Ephson Delivers Lecture on Pre And Post Election Voter Behaviour

Ben Ephson Delivers Lecture on Pre And Post Election Voter Behaviour
Jun 17, 2017

Mr. Ben Ephson, a renowned journalist, pollster and editor of the Daily Dispatch on Tuesday, 13th June, 2017 delivered a lecture to the Political Marketing Strategy Sandwich class of the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) at the Graduate Building. The lecture was on Voter Behaviour before and after the 2016 General Elections in Ghana.

In his lecture, Mr. Ephson mentioned that it is necessary to be research oriented in order to become a good strategist. He shared his experience of being a strategist and pollster, and acknowledged the occasional flaws in the prediction of polls as normal and acceptable. He noted the absence of a political marketing strategy industry in Ghana and commended the UGBS for taking the lead in propagating the course.

Voter behaviour, according to Mr. Ephson, focuses on the determinants of why people vote as they do and how they arrive at the decisions they make. He mentioned that the voter behavioural pattern of the Ghanaian citizenry in terms of political party support and affiliation has changed over the years shifting from its focus on familial ties to party performance, strategies and policies. Apathy, dissatisfaction, generational change and also the willingness to vote are some of the factors he pointed out as key contributing factors to voter behaviour in the recent elections.


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