Bank of Ghana Takes over Action of Unibank: A Prudent Marketing Decision?

Bank of Ghana Takes over Action of Unibank: A Prudent Marketing Decision?
Apr 13, 2018

Dr. Prince Kodua of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship has opined that "Taking the Bull by the Horn" should not always be considered prudent in bringing a profitable closure in business and regulator relationship. He said, "Taking the Bull by the Horn" may show the firmness on the part of Bank of Ghana, the regulator, to apply sanctions and eventually instill discipline in the financial services sector.

The Bank of Ghana's appointment of KPMG to take over the management of Unibank and the subsequent public announcement of same is not a very prudent decision although the constitution mandates it to do so. The Bank of Ghana's claim and justification that the takeover is aimed at making Unibank stronger and competitive is somehow problematic from a marketing perspective. This is because it constitutes a major stimulus that can negatively affect customer and other stakeholder groups who transact business with Unibank. It must be noted that the negative and strongly entrenched consumer attitude that may develop as a result of the approach of the takeover of Unibank may not be very easy to change overnight.

Even where possible, such change in consumer attitude may require enormous financial and marketing ingenuity. My take is that Bank of Ghana should have done "Behind the Scene Takeover". This approach would have had less negative impact on customer attitude and confidence in dealing with Unibank and possibly other related entities.

Given that Bank of Ghana had already taken the takeover action -which is within its regulatory powers, Dr. Prince Kodua said, "My advice to KPMG, the newly appointed management entity, is that they should go far beyond prudent financial management and to develop a sustainable and competitive positioning for the bank. This will require serious effort at marketing and rebranding in particular."

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