“Deliver Memorable Customer Service Experience to UG Stakeholders”, Prof. Oduro Owusu to Staff

“Deliver Memorable Customer Service Experience to UG Stakeholders”, Prof. Oduro Owusu to Staff
Jun 12, 2017

The Vice Chancellor (VC), University of Ghana (UG), Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, has urged teaching staff of UG to strive to leave memorable experiences in the minds of stakeholders of the school. He made the statement at the second leg of a customer service seminar held for teaching staff of the University of Ghana, dubbed “Delivering the UG Brand through Enhanced Customer Service”, at the R.S Amegashie Auditorium of UGBS.

Addressing participants, Prof. Oduro Owusu stressed the need for staff to strive beyond the normal customer satisfaction mantra to delight stakeholders by exceeding customer expectations. UG can win the service delight battle if we adopt the winning formula which requires magnitude emphasis on infinite detail to the picky and small things that fashions an emotional bond of our stakeholders to the UG brand. This can be achieved if we make our internal and external stakeholders central in all activities especially those that involve decision making. He added.

Mr. Daniel Baidoo, the Director, Human Resource and Organisational Development Directorate (HRODD), in a welcome address noted that as an institution of higher learning, the UG decided to embed its thoughts and ideas into a codified document called the strategic plan. He mentioned that the main aim of the strategic document is to make the University of Ghana a world class research intensive university, spanning the next decade. He urged staff to familiarise themselves with key priority areas of the strategic document to serve as their guide towards its effective implementation.

Chairman of the UG Rebranding Committee, Professor Robert Ebo Hinson of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, UGBS, noted with regret that Ghanaians have come to accept poor customer service delivery as the norm. Every selling brand, he added, consists of a functional and emotional selling proposition. According to him “The functional selling proposition must yield a positive emotional proposition to foster strong bonds between the University of Ghana brand and its stakeholders. He urged colleague staff to allow humility to begin to set into their lives with reference to the current rapid competitor landscape dynamics. He therefore, challenged the staff to lead a complete behavioural change crusade towards achieving excellent customer service to deliver the UG brand.

The Director of Marketing and Alternate Channels, uniBank Ghana, Mr. Clifford Mettle, a resource person of the UG brand delivery seminar, alluded to the situation in the past, where three key institutions notably; the Banking, Education and Health Institutions were worse culprits of bad customer service delivery. He says, along the line, the Banking and financial institutions have shifted into being more customer service oriented institutions. He adds that the paradigm shift is catching up fast with some educational institutions who are making immense efforts towards achieving excellent customer service at par with the banking sector. There is much social change which requires a paradigm shift. A shift which puts the internal and external stakeholders of the University of Ghana as the central focus.

Also present at the seminar were some Provosts of the various colleges, Deans and Heads of Departments.



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