The Department of Organisation and Human Resource Management (OHRM) is focused on teaching, research and extension series in the areas of Human Resource Management (HRM), organisational sciences, strategy, project management and legal issues as they relate to businesses and institutions.

The Department believes that Organisational, Institutional & People Management systems in Ghana hold the key to corporate growth and national development.  We believe that Organisations need to be structured properly, that systems must be developed for people management, that employee and managerial attitudes can be shaped towards corporate ends, that systems of rewards and appraisals can be executed in such a way as to minimize subjectivity and arbitrariness.  We also hold that corporate governance arrangements need to uphold the highest standards of Stakeholder Trust, Stakeholder Interest and Stakeholder Returns across and including. To this end we believe in the development of indigenous theories and concepts by which we can understand, describe, predict and improve (through a variety of interventions) Ghanaian and African organizational functionality.

We believe also that as academics, our existence cannot be divorced from the presenting problems, challenges and opportunities confronting Ghanaian organizations, we therefore strive to be connected to industry and commerce through applied as well as theory driven research, extension service and active consulting and advocacy. Faculty in the Department are active in a variety of research areas including: Project Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Strategy, SME Development, Legal and Regulatory environment of business in Ghana, The Police Service, Internationalization of SMEs, Organisational Culture and Structure, Corporate Values, Governance and Behaviour, Employee Motivation.

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