Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium Chair: Dr. John Effah

The Doctoral consortium track plans to have three sections of discussion on contribution to knowledge expected at the PhD level. There will be student presentation of submitted papers, to the doctoral consortium, and there will also be a forum for recently completed PhDs to share their knowledge and experience.  This will enable current and potential students to ask questions and contribute to the discussion.

All departments offering PhD programs in relevant areas will constitute the doctoral panel. The panel will lead to highlight areas of interest in understanding what constitute contribution to knowledge at the PhD level. Participants will have opportunities to ask questions and seek clarifications on what PhD education.

In addition, the presentation will follow the normal conference slot of 15 minutes and 5 minutes questions and answers subject to time availability. We expect that when submitting papers, presenters should indicate that they are submitting to the doctoral consortium. Only papers with such designation will be accepted for presentation. We also expect that the call for submission will indicate this explicitly.

Finally, recently-graduated PhDs who completed within 2014/2015/2016 will be invited to share their experiences on what PhD is about and what current students should expect. Again we hope to demonstrate commonality and differences across various disciplines.