Download: The Conference Presentation Schedule and The Pitch Presentation Schedule

The conference presentations consists of 33 research abstracts from four track sessions, and four doctoral extended abstracts. These research works cover a mix of conceptual and empirical research papers which set the agenda for discussion on key themes in finance, marketing, operations and management information systems, organisation and human resource management, and public administration. The authors of the papers include researchers, practitioners and university academics from institutions in Africa, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.


Business engagement is increasingly touted to be critical for the realization of a transformative post-2015 development agenda. Development Agencies (DA) tend to envision business contribution towards the advancement of sustainable development goals, by implementing sustainable corporate strategies that advance inclusive economic growth, social equity and progress, and environmental protection. They also echo that government policies should reward more responsible and sustainable business operations, and educational institutions should integrate sustainability into their business school curricula and research. These strategies can potentially contribute to revenue growth, resource productivity and the mitigation of operational, legal and reputational risks. They can also enable the establishment of businesses into positions of long-term strength.

Building on this agenda, the third UGBS Conference on Business and Development 2015, seeks to unearth answers concerning the drivers and enablers for effective support of businesses to achieve of sustainable development goals and beyond 2015. The conference is themed, BUSINESS IN THE POST-2015 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AGENDA. The conference will deliberate on issues regarding theories, frameworks, and empirical evidence on the conditions and tools for effective development-oriented partnerships between public and private sectors and also between private sectors and development/non-governmental agencies. Further, the conference seeks to explore effective approaches to making business curriculum more relevant to addressing challenges of sustainable development.