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Elections in Africa have been associated with violence, disputes, court injunctions and civil wars. However, there have been success stories in Ghana, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. The peaceful and successful 2015 Nigeria election is partly attributed to the role played by the academia. The academia and business have been viewed as passive member of the political space. Therefore, in Ghana, civil society and managers of the electoral process have called on academia, professional associations and the business community to play an active role to ensure peaceful elections.
Building on this agenda, the fourth UGBS Conference on Business and Development 2016, seeks to unearth answers concerning the role academia and businesses could play to ensure free and fair elections in Ghana, Africa and beyond. The conference is themed, PEACEFUL ELECTIONS: THE ROLE OF ACADEMIA AND BUSINESS. The conference will deliberate on issues regarding theories, frameworks, and empirical evidence on the conditions and tools for effective deployment of academia and business in elections.