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The Research Center will serve as ‘Think Tanks’ and a ‘improving financial awareness and financial literacy advocate’ for all students, faculty and staff, alumni, family and friends and all The People around the world, financial service and nonprofit professionals and their organizations, educational institutions, municipalities, employers and the news media. We will perform various research projects related to improve financial awareness and financial literacy amongst the University of Ghana Community and all of Ghanaians, with the goal of improving the quality of their lives. This will include producing valued research to help political leaders and other thought leaders to make the best informed economic and financial decisions affecting all Ghanaian’s.

We see developing Indicators of Achievements to make sure The Movement is effectively touching everyone with the right information and materials and tracks the progress of The Movement and the effects on The People. 

We see The Research Center taking on the following very important roles

 Taking an active role in assisting us in developing and delivering a Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Curriculum Programs for all university students at their university and in country. This would also be available for all faculty and staff, alumni and family & friends at no cost.

 Initiate Professional Certification & Training Programs for financial service professionals.

 Establishing an Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Student Club / Association. This can be available to all students interested in accounting, legal and the other financial service professions, and the nonprofit sector. This can work quite well for integrating mentoring and internships and related programs. It can also be open to faculty and staff and alumni as is being done at The University of Ghana.

 Establishing Incubators / Accelerators to create, help launch and successful grown new and existing business while creating needed jobs and building wealth for the founders, the university and the economy.

For a business to be really successful it usually must have strength in 5 main elements

  ● Great product idea / or service

  ● Sales, Marketing, and Distribution

  ● Administration—Legal, accounting, human resource management, etc

  ● Technology

  ● Capital

What if….

  1. The University encouraged product innovation, problem solving, finding better solutions from students, faculty and staff, alumni, friends and family.
  2.  The best ideas a formal business plan would be assembled and the University will take a reasonable equity position and provide the following for the first three years: 

          ✓ Sales, Marketing, and Distribution – through its alumni and their connections provide this as an initial distribution channel.

           ✓ Administration —through its schools of business and law - provide initial legal, accounting, banking, risk management, management support and human resources

          ✓ Technology – through its tech school’s – provide websites, CRM, internal systems,

          ✓ Capital – If great ideas have a solid business plan and all this behind them, it should be easy to attract capital; after the first couple of successful offerings capital will come from many places, including alumni, faculty and staff and others.

The University Research Centers will be linked together nationally and internationally as a Master Brain Trust to jointly help solve the global lack of financial awareness and financial illiteracy epidemic, and other related social challenges.