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Financial Education

Most people are never taught the essential principles of smart money management. This leaves them vulnerable to become victims in many of their everyday money decisions, which jeopardizes almost every aspect of their lives, including their health and well-being, financial security and any hopes of financial independence and an adequate retirement. This places a HUGE growing amount of pressure on families and friends, employers, nonprofits; as well as the ultimate safety net the government. This is not just a domestic epidemic it’s an international one. We believe there is a solution and it revolves around better educating everyone the essential principles to smart

Our gift to YOU of Personal Financial Knowledge:

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Questions to Ponder

Managing your personal finances today is more complex—and more important—than ever. To help determine your financial awareness and financial literacy answer the following ‘Yes’ & ‘No’ questions. Then total your ‘Yes’ answers below, turn the page and see how you did.

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The Financial Tidbits in 2 Minutes

Hello and welcome to the FINANCIAL TIDBITS IN 2 Minutes. My name’s Barbara Ama Aboagye, I’m a civil engineer by day and Financial Tidbitter by night.

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12 Month Financial Fitness Calendar

The beginning of the year, or actually anytime is a perfect time to get your financial house in order and start planning for the upcoming year and your future. As financial planning is a lifelong process we’ve developed a 12 Month Financial Fitness

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We believe that EVERYONE needs to be financially aware and literate to make better everyday money decisions. If not how are you going to have any chance of

  • ♦ Living out a quality life
  • ♦ Reaching and maintaining your personal and family financial dreams
  • ♦ Enjoying a debt free and secure financial future
  • ♦ Passing on our values and knowledge and assets to future generations and charitable causes to help make this a better world?

Here’s your FREE copy of TFAF Personal Finance Publication Set – that includes smart money secrets and the essential principles to smart money management – the foundation to personal finance knowledge.

❤ Building Blocks to Successful Financial Planning Presentation Series -

Here is an enlightening set of presentations by a moderator and panel of experienced financial service professionals. It is designed to motivate, educate and empower you to make better informed lifelong personal financial decisions and to improve your financial lifestyle. Providing you with an easy-to-use, systematic approach to personal financial management. It also introduces you to the essential principles for smart personal money management and the common financial mistakes to avoid; the foundation to personal finance knowledge.

Building Blocks to Successful Financial Planning Series

Building Blocks to Successful Financial Planning Series

Building Blocks to Successful Financial Planning Series

Video 1
Video 1
Video 1

If you are a financial service professional or financial service provider these videos are great tool to use with your clients, and for in house staff training. Ask us about doing workshops for you. 

❤ Watch for our classes, professional certification programs and eLearning platform.