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About Us

Our Mission

❤ To Significantly Improve Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy in Ghana

Our Vision

❤ We envision a Ghana and a World where every person is well educated and has personal finance knowledge an essential life skill, access to the right financial advice, and the skills and tools to manage their finances. Providing everyone the opportunity to achieve and maintain their financial stability, security, and freedom throughout their lives, while they pass on their values, knowledge, and assets to future generations to make their lives and this world a better place.

The FA Association Aims & Objects

  • ❤ To serve as a forum for member students, faculty, staff, and alumni for the discussion of matters relating to financial awareness and financial literacy.
  • ❤ To foster close co-operation and brotherly relationship among Members of the Association.
  • ❤ To assist the financial service industry in promoting financial awareness and financial literacy in Ghana.
  • ❤ To organize lectures, symposia, picnics, and fundraising to support the University of Ghana, and The Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement in Ghana, Student Scholarships, Faculty Grants, and other worthy causes.
  • ❤ To promote and maintain the spirit of friendship among members of The Association.


❤ The Association shall have its Headquarters at the University of Ghana, Department of Finance within the University of Ghana Business School, Legon - Accra.


  • ❤ Membership in The FA Association shall be open to all persons who are within the University of Ghana community.
  • ❤ At this time there will be no membership subscriptions or fees.
  • ❤ Membership Application for The International Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Association at the University of Ghana Chapter can be obtained by clicking here.


❤ Our Constitution was approved on September 23, 2020. To view a copy click here.