The Research Center

The Research Center will serve as ‘Think Tanks’ and a ‘improving financial awareness and financial literacy advocate’ for all students, faculty and staff, alumni, family and friends and all The People around the world, financial service and nonprofit professionals and their organizations, educational institutions, municipalities, employers and the news media.

We will perform various research projects related to improve financial awareness and financial literacy amongst the University of Ghana Community and all of Ghanaians, and improving their quality of lives. This will include producing valued research to help political leaders to make the best informed economic and financial decisions affecting all Ghanaian’s.

We see developing Indicators of Achievements to make sure The Movement is effectively touching everyone with the right information and materials and tracks the progress of The Movement and the effects on The People. We see developing

1. Research Work

  • ✓ Annual surveys tracking the progress of The Movement in Ghana
  • ✓ A Quality of Life Index for Ghanaians
  • ✓ Conferences – virtual and in person once we get past COVID-19
  • ✓ White papers
  • ● How supporting improving financial awareness and financial literacy can increase your bottom line
  • ● The best job opportunities for the next 10 years
  • ● The best business opportunities for the next 10 years
  • ● Can planned communities on a local, regional and national scale build wealth for Ghanaian’s, while helping to solve poverty, hunger, healthcare, job creation and other social challenges?
  • ●  
  • ●  
  • ● Can communication technology help provide needed medical assistance via online appoints and patient inspections?
  • ● Would community kitchens and food trucks help bring needed support to rural areas?


2. Further future Ideas

  • ✓ The Research Center serving as a trusted Economic Advisor and problem solvers to our leaders
  • ✓ Inventory and communication of
    • ● Job placement listings
    • ● Job opportunities
    • ● Jobs of the future
    • ● Population densities, gaps in communication, food supply and healthcare
    • ● Communication Channels
    • ● Needs and Haves
    • ● Relief Groups
  • ✓ Annual University Wide Contests–
    • ● What’s the solution to this year’s biggest Ghana Societal Challenge?
    • ● (Poverty, hunger, healthcare, jobs, electricity, internet,…)
  • ✓ Establish a Business Incubator & Accelerator
    • ● What if …
      • For a business to be really successful it usually must have strength in 5 main elements
        • ◽ Great product idea / or service
        • ◽ Sales, Marketing, and Distribution
        • ◽ Administration—Legal, accounting, human resource management, etc
        • ◽ Technology
        • ◽ Capital
      • The University attracted some venture funding from successful alumni? Other venture capitalists? To provide seed capital for a fair stack in appropriate business concepts.

        The University would provide assistance in Technology—through its tech schools, Sales, marketing and distribution—through its alumni and contacts, Admin—through its schools of business, law school, for the first 3 years of the business to get them off to a good start. And for this received some shares in the business.