The Movement

Ghana has a population of nearly 30 million with an employment rate of about 41% and an unemployment rate near 6.8%. However this leaves over 3.9 million Ghanaians (13% of our population) so poor they cannot afford three meals a day for themselves and their family; in rural areas it is higher. Many are struggling to survive less than $1.90 PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) (1) US per day. We are also experiencing increases in debt. 
We are not taught at home or school about planning for our future and why it’s important to have a current financial, estate and gift plans to protect themselves and our families. We have a collection of serious problems resulting in a high percentage of poverty coupled with a lack of financial awareness resulting in a serious financial illiteracy epidemic. This places a HUGE growing amount of pressure on families and friends, employers, nonprofits; as well as the ultimate safety net the government. This is not just a local epidemic it’s an international one.
Most people are not taught the essential principles to smart money management – the foundation to personal finance knowledge - at home or in school. Thus they don’t have the proper tools to address everyday money decisions in an informed manner. This jeopardizes their financial and physical wellness, their ability to realistically achieve and maintain their personal and family financial dreams, let alone enjoy a financially secure debt free future. 

The Movement’s —Executive Summary / Overview

To help address the lack of financial awareness and the financial illiteracy epidemic a team of dedicated concerned Ghana parties began taking an active leadership role to recognize organizations and their management, and individuals that are championing improving financial awareness and financial literacy. They began uniting them with other associations, organizations, nonprofits, educational institutions, municipalities, employers, the news media and concerned individuals to actively focus this vast community resource into The Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement with its semi-annual concentrated personal finance content media blitz around the strategic campaign venues.

  • ❤ Financial Literacy Month (April) and six months later with
  • ❤ Estate & Gift Planning Awareness Month (October)

The plan is to touch everyone at least twice a year through these strategic campaign venues, with educational and motivating content, reminders and tools for making wise informed lifelong financial decisions and to get and keep your financial house in order by having current financial, estate and gift plans.

The Ghana Movement is modeled after one created in the USA over a decade ago by founders of The Financial Awareness Foundation. The learn more see The Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Report & Magazine. This provides a sampling of the community participation, including supporting proclamations from many US State Governors, leading financial service, planned giving, and nonprofit associations and their professionals, and academia and news media efforts along with a comprehensive collection of reports including how financially literate each state and country is, and so much more.

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